Welcome to our Neighborhood!

The Board of Directors for our Association consists of five homeowners serving as President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Welcoming Committee and Community Watch Co-coordinator. These members serve a three year term. Election of new members are held at our annual meeting held in May of each year. The Board meets quarterly.

Please read our Bylaws and Covenants, so you will understand how our Association operates.

In March 2013, the Board voted to allow PPM, Inc. to manage the property, as well as the Accounting for the Association.
PPM Homeowner Web Portal for viewing and updating account information, pay online, setup reoccurring payments, access and view account history and submitting architectural applications online - click here.

Vinyl siding was installed in 2004 on all townhomes without cost to the homeowners. This siding will relieve the Association of having to paint, except for doors and windows, which will be painted as needed. Homeowners are encouraged to install vinyl windows, if possible, which will decrease painting expense for the Association, and will save on energy expenses for the homeowner.

Roofs are replaced every twenty to twenty five years if funds are available, and if replacement is necessary. Homeowners are responsible for roof repairs.

The Association provides annual termite inspections and treatment at no cost to homeowners, unless you fail to have access available to termite contractor. If you do not allow access to the termite contractor and they have to make a special trip to your residence, you may be charged.

The Board of Directors are very interested in keeping our Subdivision in good condition, and are constantly working to be sure all concerns are recognized and taken care of, if possible. We have not had an increase in homeowner’s dues in several years, mainly due to the Board of Directors being diligent and doing a lot of the contacting of contractors, etc.